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Training - Ultimate 4wd Training

More and more 4WD tracks are being closed all over Australia and the main reason for many of these closures has to be directly attributed to the environmental damage we as 4WDrivers do cause to the environment.

Our land managers and property owners are constantly fighting the battle in getting that balance right between public access and still managing OUR sometime pristine environment so future generations can hopefully enjoy this fantastic country in many remote areas on the coast and into the interior of Australia.

By participating in 4WD training activities you will be helping sustain 4WD access to many great places into the future as training will give you the necessary skills & knowledge behind and in front of the wheel to look after our incredibly diverse environment.

'Ultimate 4WD Training' will also give you the skills to be a safer driver overall in that many aspects of our training is based on defensive driving techniques.

Our trainers and assessors are extremely passionate about their 4WDing, we all believe that training is an essential part of this awesome outdoor recreational activity - 4WDing.

Why not learn from experienced 4WDrivers on how to look after your pride and joy - your 4WD, they are an expensive item to purchase and parts these days are not cheap, as someone once said... '4x4 = 4 times the fun @ 4 times the cost'.

By partaking in the 'Ultimate 4WD Training' experience you'll not only be doing your bit for the environment and learning to be a safer driver, but you'll be saving money by gaining the knowledge on how to look after YOUR 4WD.


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